Graduate Student Association (GSA)


The Graduate Student Association (GSA) exists to advocate the rights and interests of our diverse community, to provide for the enjoyment of social, cultural, and service-oriented events, and for the betterment of academic and non-academic life of all graduate and professional students at UC San Diego.

Structure of GSA

GSA is composed of two parts: the Council and the Executive Committee. Council includes representatives from every graduate program at UCSD, and meets at regular intervals throughout the school year. When called into session, Council has the authority to pass resolutions and other documents expressing the official position of GSA on any number of issues. As expressions of the unified voice of the graduate and professional student community, such position statements serve as powerful tools for campus administrators to gauge the practicality and effectiveness of various policies and initiatives. In addition to its deliberative capacity, Council maintains the power to appoint graduate student representatives to the standing and special committees of the Academic Senate and other University offices. Furthermore, Council oversees the dispersal of funds to campus departments, programs, and organizations.
The Executive Committee comprises the senior leadership of GSA, including the positions specified in the organization’s constitution. Chaired by the GSA President, this group seeks to enact the decisions of Council, and works to promote the interests of graduate students through its interactions with University faculty and staff. During periods when Council is not in session, the Executive Committee functions in its place. It is the members of this group that are further responsible for executing all operational and programming-related business of GSA.

Council meetings are held at 6pm every other Monday in the Forum, fourth floor of the Price Center.

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